8 responses to “ANNO1777 in 101 questions

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  3. I have a question?? Im in the usa and it is asking me to send a SMS to a uk number with my userid. SO, I did that and have not recieved any response back. Its been 2 days now.. I also sent a Email but they NEVER respond to those either… Im locked out of the game right now. Do you have any suggestions?

  4. Well the activation code if that’s what your refering to, is usually sent instantly , so if it’s been two days and response , then probably you did something wrong, maybe the phone number has been used already , you will only receive one activation code for each telephone number you use, i suggest you try creating another account with another phone number.

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  7. I’m in the same position as Ryan. I’m in Canada and I have sent my username (case sensitive) to the phone number they provide (trying with and without the 0044 at the start) I haven’t gotten a reply. When I try to contact them, It just says I’m forbidden to access that page. Does anyone have any ideas?

  8. Updated version of private island viewer Anno1777 CHEAT
    The previous version does not work anymore due to games updates.



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