What is the Financial Market ?

Probably the place where you’ll make most of your money , if you’re smart, fast and lucky. “Buying low and selling high” can make you a lot of euros in just a few seconds , will you be fast enough to buy before everyone else when the exchange rate drops ?

Let’s say you’re a resident of USA , obviously your local currency wil be the USD. Before we advance with our tutorial you must understand that on the financial market we can work with 3 types of currency :

3. LOCAL CURRENCY ( in our case the US dollar)

1. EURO – It’s a global market so it’s behaviour will be influenced by every citizen of every country that buys or sells EUROS.

2. GOLD – Is the second currency in anno. If you decide to keep your cash in gold you can speculate on the euro market , by buying everytime someone sells and selling back when the exchange rate rises. People usually sell or buy 2 or 3 euro so there’s not much room for bigger gains.

3. LOCAL CURRENCY – This is probably the most speculated market in the game, it can bring huge gains (like 100 euro in just a few seconds). Imagine someone selling 1000 gold units on the market the local currency will fall to 3 maybe 4 USD/1 gold . Buying USD at 4 units/1 gold and selling it at 20 USD/1 gold can bring you a considerable gain.

Just in case your not fast enough, and you realise you just bought at 24 instead of 4 usd/1 gold, sell them back quickly and you will only lose a few “coins”.
Another thing you should keep in mind is that usually countries have a tax of 1% , wich means everytime you buy or sell something on the financial market the goverment budget gets 1% of the transaction value.


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